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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by JoeS, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Neat! Is there a way to hide the touchscreen from Windows Ink, but still have it work normally otherwise?
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    There is an app that was great awhile back ago by a forum member. Search the forum for Tray Touch Toggle.

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    Noticed something unusual with charging today - when I have a HDMI cable plugged into the Samsung multi-port adapter charging slows to a trickle and it begins discharging. Soon as the HDMI plug is removed it starts reporting "hours until full charge"

    Anyone else notice this?

    Edit: Fixed the issue. Intel's Graphics Command Center is very useful for charging issues on any laptop that has Intel. It tells you the exact charging rate.

    Whenever I plug in the multi-port adapter I've had weird charging issues. Sometimes a re-seat on the USB C side helps, sometimes from the power plug itself. Sometimes changing from the top port and vice versa. This is all using two versions of the original Samsung Galaxy TabPro S and Galaxy Book 12 chargers, both are identical in their power specs. It gets increasingly frustrating when you run out of battery though.

    By chance I purchased a 60w USB Power delivery charger for my Dell XPS 15 OLED laptop. I tried plugging that in directly to the Galaxy Book 12, wouldn't take any charge. Then I plugged it into the multi-port adapter's USB-C port - it charged at full rate!

    Anyone having this issue I'd recommend getting a USB power delivery charger. The one I used was the Aukey PA-D3
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    Hey everyone. I've been on a quest for a great portable device for digital art (drawing, painting) and after an exhaustive search ended up ordering a new Samsung Galaxy 12 from It's coming in a few days and I'm quite excited to work with it.

    I am a 3d artist in the games industry have for very long time always wanted something more portable for drawing and painting just for fun. Since I've been spoiled my whole life having Wacom digitizers I needed a tablet with the best digitizer available. Seems to be the Galaxy Book offers the most for my particular needs. I want something convenient to use (lightweight, easy to pack with you) with enough power to run art apps like Krita, Clip Studio or Corel Painter.

    It took me a while come around to the Galaxy Book because I feel somewhat strange ordering a "new" computer that is over two years old now. At least it was discounted 25% but still I fought with it for a while. I was really tempted by some other tablets which offered better looking designs, more recent hardware and power.

    The Surface Pro 7 seems amazingly powerful (the beautifully designed) I hated how they purposefully limited the connectivity (to sell docks) and sell the keyboard and stylus separately. I don't really need that many ports (I know the GB doesn't have that many) but still felt that I couldn't trust Microsoft to design a product with the best experience in mind, since it seems fundamentally designed to sell accessories. I was also too skeptical of the stylus input even though I hear that it's improved a lot

    I was tempted by a returned item Acer Switch 7 I found online. Seems like a really interesting machine and of course a dedicated GPU is nice to have. But it was almost double the price and I felt unsure after reading reviews which questioned the quality of the display and design in general. Since it was quite a lot heavier felt like it was too much hardware for my needs since I don't need a desktop replacement.

    Then I ordered and returned immediately an HP Elite x2 1013 G4 that I found refurbished for a really nice price. I ordered it without having tried AES before. I thought that since this was the 2.0 implementation, the Pen as nice with two buttons and rechargeable and well.... "it's wacom so how bad can it be?". It was terrible. Jittery lines even with lots of smoothing. It just making sketching feel horrible so I returned it all. Shame because the machine was in perfect condition and I think the design is beautiful.

    I thought perhaps to wait for the Galaxy Book Flex or Galaxy Chromebook which book are incredibly beautiful. However, in general I would prefer a pure tablet format as I would like to use this device primarily on the couch, in bed or outside occasionally. Also, as far as I know Samsung doesn't sell laptops anymore in the European market.

    So that's how I ended up ordering the Galaxy Book 12 despite its age and after reading a lot from this thread I'm quite excited for it. Thanks for all the contributors here! It's really helpful in finding the right machine. I've gone ahead and ordered Photodon screen protector and the Staedtler Noris Digitalizer.

    BTW, I've been long wanting a portable device for art sketching and painting. I'm actually typing this on my Fujitsu T901 right now, which I recently gave a new lease on life with a Linux install. I've had this machine for a long time but it still performs great (well, after ditching Windows 7). Amazing how a well made machine can deliver for years and years. Hopefully my Samsung can do the same.
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    Brian Miller, welcome to TPCR.
    With your interest you'll find it interesting.
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    @Brian Miller
    I still go back to the Galaxy Book 12 after brief forays with iPads or SurfacePros. It's still my go-to light weight drawing device. I don't think you'll regret it.
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    I have two Samsung devices; an Android GB Tab S3, and a 2-in-1 Notebook 9 Pro 15.

    One gets used for watching videos and the alarm clock, (I was hoping to use it for Instagram marketing but found that to be a truly annoying waste of time and despaired that I'd wasted my money, but have actually come to appreciate it for convenient media consumption), and the other is for drawing and other Windows computer stuff, which it's fantastic for.

    The GB 12 looks like a solid in-between device.

    I don't think I'd be happy with that for serious drawing work, but for light sketching, it's probably pretty good. It'll be interesting to see what you think of it after a few months.

    (I totally hear you wrt the AES fiasco! In this day and age of actually excellent digital pens, anything which isn't a Wacom EMR system is kind of a joke in poor taste. Apple could be good, I think, but they still need to port their pen tech to a real computer. iPads are hamstrung by design.)

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    Hi. I have created a YouTube channel the last month. (It is my ordinary YouTube but didn't have much video until now ).
    I run it completely in galaxy book 12. I don't have other device.
    Anyway it really is fantastic for this .
    My last tutorial i just uploaded is how to create a 3d avatar from 2 pictures. I use 2 photo of former Greek prime minister for the example.. :)
    But i have many other things there..
    Anyway anyone who wants take a look and if you like subscribe to help. Thanks
    The last video :
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    I wonder, does anyone use their microSD card not only for storage but for running software installed on it too?
    The little MS Store apps i run from SD seem to run OK...
    But i wonder about bigger apps/software..

    Any feedback about running misc/larger software from the SD slot?
    It would be greatly appreciated :)
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    I never tried that......I know you can do it.....heck you can technically boot windows from a microSD card....but since its not intended for that purpose....performance and the lifespan of the SD card might be concerns.

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