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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by JoeS, Feb 26, 2017.

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    That's ingenious, making the OS more mobile and the devices less mobile.

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    I'm pretty sure Dante's Inferno listed eBay as 8th of the 9 circles... Or maybe it was the Purgatorio?
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    Well, maybe I'll open it up for sale here instead...
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    Hi! Can someone give me the link where to download the wintablet for Samsung galaxy book 12? Tell what the version of driver works better on our device? there is Wintab- version and there is Wintab- what's better for SGB12 for drawing?
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    I just got this for my GB10.
    Someone tried it ?
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    Had a strange W10 behavior (bug) this week-end : In tablet mode, the touch keyboard was invisible (so just a line at midscreen) and non responsive. I had to reboot to fix. Anybody got the same bug ?
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    Some time ago I did the huge mistake of trying to upgrade TWO devices to a recent Win 10 (Home) version so i'm on 1803. (I usually block them etc.) i'm an idiot.

    On the GB10, i haven't tried the Stylus/pen fix yet, i had a bunch of other problems/bugs....
    but generally i barely used any PC for some time so i just put the GB10 aside for a while. (When i could use/needed something that worked i booted my TPY12 or my desktop both on Linux...) Of course it was too late to roll back when i started having these bugs also.

    Among the problems i had:
    - loss of audio on speakers each time the screen went blank for 30 secs. I found that each time i plugged headphones in and then out, i would get back audio that day. Seemed like a Realtek driver/soft issue, i don't know if it still persist. Had some Samsung drivers update since, maybe it's fixed.

    - in many parts of Windows 10 itself (some Win10's settings windows etc), the pen didn't work, only touch, if i recall correctly. (Or else: something like it, but it was very annoying.) - The registry pen might fix it... I wonder.
    I think it affected other apps/software, i don't recall exactly, i quickly gave up that day. Dunno if it still happens.

    - One issue that i know still persists as i just booted again my GB10, the virtual keyboard doesn't always 'pop up' when it should in Desktop mode, actually it almost never does anymore when it should (not sure in tablet mode)

    I have a ~3.5Gb Windows10Upgrade folder that Windows doesn't clean up with Disk Cleaner. I was going to delete it before the on-screen keyboard problem reminded me of all that... I might as well check if this thing wants to "update" a little more just out of morbid curiosity? I don't really have time to take care of that kind of stuff lately anyway... And i guess either way, i'll have to end up doing a clean install of Windows 10 (and skip the Freemium Home version) later... Or put Linux on it? Tossed it aside again? Yep.

    Edit: There was a cumulative update (or something, a bug fix update maybe) i didn't see before, that at least for now fixed the on-screen keyboard problem (was actually affecting both tablet & desktop mode and would never 'pop up' when needed)
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    Hi! I want to share with you the Autohotkey script wich allows you to make your S-pen button to work exactly as right mouse button. When I tell "exactly like" right mouse button I mean that it works not only like single click, also it works like pressed button. So when you press on the S-pen button and hold it, this will be the same as when you press on the right mouse button and hold it. When you stop holding the S-pen button it will stop acting as pressed right mouse button.

    Well this script let you get the same result as when you remap your S-pen button using Radial Menu. But the benefits using the autohotkey script is that it's very light and there is no need to install anything (Autohotkey is portable app just download it and it's ready to use) and there is no troubles using it (in my case there is couple annoing bugs using Radial menu and it's not working with Blender correctly). This script created not by me. I asked my friend to write this script to make possible use the S-pen button as right mouse button in Blender in both ways: as single right button mouse click and as holding right mouse button. And now with help of this script it's possible on our device. Ofcorse besides the Blender it will work in any another app where you need to use right mouse button. I use it in Blender, PS, and Krita everything works OK on my galaxy book 12.
    This script is modification of Fold's script.
    Feel free to use it. Let me now if you will find something to fix in it or maybe you will have ideas how to improve it.


    1 - Download AutoHotKey. I recommend portable version no need to install (download "" from official site

    2 - Get the script. For this download the "ready to use" script file from this link:
    And Put the script to the same folder where your Autohotkey folder is

    3. - Download the library file "AHKHID.ahk" and put it in same folder where your Autohotkey folder is (download it from

    4. - Now you have to run the script using Autohotkey app. To do that: right click on the script file you get on step 2 (script name "spen_by_Serega.ahk"). In context menu choose "properties" in next menu choose "Change" button where "Open with" is and in the next menu in the bottom choose"More apps" and then choose "Look for another app on this PC" and then you have to choose the folder "Autohotkey_1.1.30/00" and in this folder choose file "AutohotkeyU64.exe" then in the menu choose "apply" and "OK".

    4.1. - Just make double left clik on script file to run it. In right bottom corner of you screen you'll see the green Autohotkey icon that means that scripts works and now your S-pen button works the same way as right mouse button.

    5. Enjoy

    Script content:

    ; используем понятия для правой клавиши: "Нажата" и "Отпущена"
    SendMode Input
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

    ; Set up our pen constants
    global PEN_HOVERING := 0 ;Стилус в стороне от экрана
    global PEN_TOUCHING := 1 ;Стилус касается экрана
    global PEN_BTN_HOVERING := 8 ;Во время движения стилуса кнопка нажата
    global PEN_BTN_TOUCHING := 12 ;Кнопка нажата когда стилус касается экрана

    global sPen_Thread := 0 ;Состояние потока
    ;global sPen_Timer := 0 ;Состояние таймера
    global sPen_RBtn := 0 ;Хранит последнее отслеживаемое состояние

    ; Send Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys along with the right-click if
    ; necessary
    SendModifierKeys() {
    static lastAlt := 0
    static lastCtrl := 0
    static lastShift := 0
    AltState := GetKeyState("Alt")
    CtrlState := GetKeyState("Ctrl")
    ShiftState := GetKeyState("Shift")
    if (AltState <> lastAlt) {
    if (AltState)
    Send {Alt Down}
    } else {
    Send {Alt Up}
    lastAlt := AltState

    if (CtrlState <> lastCtrl) {
    if (CtrlState) {
    Send {Ctrl Down}
    } else {
    Send {Ctrl Up}
    lastCtrl := CtrlState

    if (ShiftState <> lastShift) {
    if (ShiftState) {
    Send {Shift Down}
    } else {
    Send {Shift Up}
    lastShift := ShiftState
    SetTimer, TimerThreadEnd, Off
    sPen_Thread := 0 ;Отмечаем выключение потока
    if (sPen_RBtn <> 0){ ;Кнопка осталась нажатой
    Send {RButton Up} ;Говорим - Правая кнопка отпущена
    sPen_Thread := 1 ;Поток активен
    SetTimer, TimerThreadEnd, 30 ; 30 милисекунд

    #include AHKHID.ahk

    WM_INPUT := 0xFF
    USAGE_PAGE := 13
    USAGE := 2



    OnMessage(WM_INPUT, "Work")

    Work(wParam, lParam) {

    Local type, inputInfo, inputData, raw, proc
    static lastInput := PEN_NOT_HOVERING

    type := AHKHID_GetInputInfo(lParam, II_DEVTYPE)
    if (type = RIM_TYPEHID) {
    inputData := AHKHID_GetInputData(lParam, uData)
    TimerThreadOn() ;Отслеживаем поток команд
    raw := NumGet(uData, 0, "UInt")

    proc := (raw >> 8) & 0x1F

    ;0 - hovering
    ;1 - point
    ;8 - hovering + btn
    ;12 - point + btn

    if (proc <> lastInput) {
    if (proc == PEN_BTN_HOVERING){ ;Нажата кнопка + "дёргаемся" у экрана
    sPen_RBtn := 1 ;Это состояние считаем нажатием правой кнопки на устройстве
    Send {RButton Down} ;Говорим Кнопка нажата
    if (lastInput == PEN_BTN_HOVERING){ ;До текущего момента была нажата кнопка + "дёргались" у экрана
    Send {RButton Up} ;Говорим - Правая кнопка отпущена
    sPen_RBtn := 0 ;Это уже не правая кнопка мыши
    lastInput := proc

    P.S. Instead of downloading the script on step 2 of the instruction above, you can copy it from Spoiler "Script conten" and paste it to a txt file and after that save this txt file as ahk file for example save it as "spen.ahk" and run it as I discribe in instruction.
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