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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by JoeS, Feb 26, 2017.

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    It's a thermoplastic that melts around 150F into something that's like moldable clay. It's fantastic for diy and WAY cheaper than a 3D printer. They generally stay hot enough to mold for a couple minutes. It's reusable, so you can heat it up as many times as you want until you get it right or just use it for something else. It cools down into a hard plastic that's quite pleasant to the touch.

    The most common brand is Instamorph, but there are lots of clones and they're all basically the same. You can add color pellets too for all the fun and games!

    I found that with the large blob, it stuck to the pen just fine, but for the button, I needed to use glue to hold the small button on. Elmer's glue seems to work for now, but super glue is probably a better long term solution.

    The part of the s pen plus that removes the inner s pen actually unscrews the wrong way. That is, right tighty lefty loosey, right? Nope, that part unscrews to the right and tightens to the left. It's weird. The silver pen part unscrews normally, so it's probably not a cultural difference.

    I've found that with this new width, I can work without the weight of the cap just fine. I'm super pleased with the results.
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    I can't comment on model number specifically, but my GB12 from the official Samsung store up here in Canada came with Windows 10 Pro
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    Well I decided to give the 10.6 another chance, and ordered one from Amazon Warehouse during Prime days here in the UK. Not as good of a deal as I got it back in February, but not bad. Fingers crossed the headaches I was getting with my last one were just a faulty screen or something. If not, I at least have Amazon’s pretty flexible return policy. iPad Pro and Miix 700 just couldn’t quite match the sketching feel.
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    So it looks like there might be hope we could getting more than just WOA options for the upcoming GB12 refresh:

    "The EEC is a Russian authority, that certified a bunch of versions of the device, like SM-W737, SM-W738 and derived versions, like the SM-W737A, SM-W737N and SM-W737V and SM-W738N."


    Previously the 2017 GB12 had models numbers SM-W720N (Wi-Fi) and SM-W728N (LTE).

    Following the same naming pattern, I'm hoping W737N and W738N refer to the 8th Gen Core i5 Wi-Fi and LTE models respectively, with the W737 "A" and "V" models being the ARM variants.

    C'mon, Samsung I know you're good for this...don't hamstring this beautiful tablet with only WOA...and the light will shine upon you at IFA. :)

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