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Discussion in 'Artists' started by kurt corbin, Jun 12, 2018.

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    I want a Samsung EMR Android device, but I understand the apps are not as good or numerous as those for Windows. Are there any artists here who can compare current Windows and Android apps and speculate on how the situation might change in the near future? What kind of art is currently impossible to do with Android? I know rotation is. I am also wondering whether a picture could be started in an Android app and finished in a Windows app. Sorry if it's a stupid question. Thanks.
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    Actually the app situation isn't as dire as it used to be and I've found several apps that can be used to make finished work. Most of my commission work these days is at least started on a Samsung Tab S3 (recently upgraded from a Tab A 10.1). I rotate between several depending what I'm working on.

    Medibang Paint-
    Pros- Free, great transform and fill tools, stabilization, downloadable brushes and resources, cloud saves, PC version
    Cons- No resizing for web save, Ads on start up (none when drawing)
    What I use the most these days, cloud saves mean I can finish up the art and open it on my PC to save as a PSD or tweak it further. Both the desktop and android versions are free.

    Clover Paint-
    Pros- Strong UI customization, web export options, extensive tool customization, great palm rejection
    Cons- Weaker fill tool and transformation tool control, costs
    I use this when I need to send clients constant sketch updates and export PSDs to finish on a PC.

    Art Flow-
    Pros- Guides! Time lapse recording, transform tools, custom brushes
    Cons- No image resizing to web res, no stabilization, costs to unlock features.
    Been using this more often when I don't need super slick inking for the record function and less lag with larger brushes.

    There's a bunch more out there but these are the three I keep coming back to. This one here was completely done in Medibang on a Tab A 10.1 with s-pen

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    There are some fantastic drawing and painting apps available for Android, and unless you are needing to work within certain software in a specific pipeline, it can certainly be considered as a PC alternative for some workflows.
    I have to use photoshop for my job and work in huge files (5K - 8Kish) with hundreds of layers, so most of the time I can't use Android for work except for early stage idea sketching, but if you are an illustrator/comic artist/concepting etc, I'd say its totally viable. I designed a couple shirts for friends, some concepts for a personal projects, painted a BG layout rough framework etc. on my Notepro 12.2.

    One major downside in my opinion is just lack of peripherals for making the experience more streamlined and ergonomic. PC is a very customizable work area, you have access to more screen real estate generally, and you can use keyboards and gamepads to make shortcuts happen very fast. My biggest gripe with android painting is how I'm so much slower when I don't have undo and pan etc. accessible to my left hand easily (there are some workarounds of course if you put in the research and effort).

    My fav apps for brush feel and options and general app polish are:

    Infinite Painter: Clean UI, plenty of interesting brushes and good blending engine, TONS of features to dive into in an intuitive interface, .

    Corel Painter Mobile: Really nice blending, decent brush selection and simple to use.

    Autodesk Sketchbook Pro: Easily the most profesh feeling, good built in color palettes, blending is meh, best drawing pencils, weak on brushes and natural feeling media.

    ArtFlow: Great drawing app, easy interface, plenty of options, wish the brush engine was better, time lapse recording is pretty dope though.

    Honorable mention to ArtRage for being the only app out there that does natural media convincingly well, especially watercolor, which is pretty crap in most apps usually. I find it laggy and half baked in many ways otherwise though.

    I've tried MediBang and really do not like the interface at all, and personally find the brushes it comes with to be really amateur feeling with the exception of its one basic round brush which is fine. I haven't tried Clover but heard if you NEED a photoshop alternative with highly customizable options and workspace that it is the go to with a bit of a learning curve attached. I haven't bothered.

    The prices (if any) these apps ask for are so minimal ($4 - $15 I think??) that it could be considered the greatest PRO to going Android. PC apps are enormously overpriced for the most part with Adobe being the greatest offender obviously. For some reason the mobile market has stuck to being free or near free, so its a low risk to try and find out if you can make it work for you.
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