Samsung 700T XE700T1A Secure Boot Violation

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Johnsal, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Thought I might get lucky as a seller on eBay had no way to test this tablet and sold it for parts. All I get on the screen is a red Secure Boot Violation Invalid signature detected.

    I saw briefly that YouTube had some videos on getting rid of that error on laptops, but none for tablets. I saw the Bios screen pop up once, but I just read you have to quickly hit a volume key to keep displaying it. Holding down the Home button while turning on just gives the error. I can't get back to the Bios screen and I have no keyboard.

    I want to use the WiDi to connect to a Push2TV to be able to see the screen on my security camera system up in my bedroom.

    Any suggestions?

    The thing is also getting so hot that it's hard to have my fingers on the back of the left side. Normal?

    Thanks - Johnsal

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