S7S setup tips for new owners and artists.

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    Just bought and set up my s7s, my first tablet/slate pc. I am still playing around with it but the first thing I did was download Sketchbook Pro 2011 off the autodesk website. There have been previous reports that the wacom stylus does not have pressure sensitivity out of the box, but this is false, when it comes to sketchbook pro. I have not downloaded any drivers yet Sketchbook Pro 2011 is flawlessly showing pressure sensitivity.

    Battery test #1: 100% battery at 50% brightness @ 3:53pm (Microsoft Signature power plan)
    Activity: Online multiplayer game @ omgpop.com (1 game)
    Result: 93% battery @ 4:06pm.
    Activity: Youtube music videos @360p (non fullscreen)
    Result: 65% battery @ 5:43pm.
    Activity: Sleep mode

    S7S Setup tips:
    // Out of the box
    1- Plug in the charger, the slate will not turn on out of the box.

    // Set up
    2- Let it load, follow on screen instructions, painless experience.

    // Register your slate
    3- Register your slate by going to start > Samsung owners login > loads IE webpage > follow on screen instructions.

    // Backup
    4- Backup your software by going to start > All programs > Samsung > Samsung Recovery Solution 5.
    5- To backup your software, Load Samsung Recovery Solution 5, Connect a external harddrive that you want to backup to > System Software Backup.
    6- Follow on screen instructions for System Software Backup, backup is less than 3gb.

    // Browser
    7- Don't want IE? Download firefox, chrome, or other browser.
    8- If Chrome, install "chrometouch" extension, this will allow you to finger scroll.

    // On screen Keyboard
    9- Inconsistent ways of bring up keyboard.
    10- Way 1: Bring out keyboard by tapping on the tab on the top left corner of the screen. Way 2: Tap on a text box to bring up a hover keyboard icon, tap on this icon to bring up keyboard. The problem is sometimes this hover icon appears and sometimes it doesn't.

    // Tweak on screen keyboard
    11- Go to File > Control panel > Hardware and sound > Tablet PC settings > Other > Goto input panel settings. Tweak and click apply to see the updated keyboard settings, keep tweaking until you find something that works for you.
    12- To change docking location of keyboard, by default it is on the top left corner. Bring out the keyboard > Tools > Docking.
    13- Float, will never remember where you moved the keyboard to. I just permanently docked it to the bottom.

    // Sketchbook pro 2011
    14- To download, you must first register here: Autodesk Education Community - Free Software for Students
    15- You must be a student, faculty, or an Autodesk assistant program participant.
    16- After registering, go here to download free Autodesk software, legally: Download Center
    17- Sketchbook Pro is the 3rd to last item on the free software list.
    18- Again, you must be registered and signed in to download.
    19- Download, install, and open up sketchbook pro 2011.
    20- Enjoy full pressure sensitivity without ever visiting the wacom, samsung, or asus driver site.

    S7S Gaming tests:
    // Draw my thing (omgpop.com)
    + Little lag, not enough to effect drawing ability.
    + Difficult to input answers with onscreen keyboard.
    + Sound cracks sometime.

    S7S Battery tests:

    ... More tips to come!
    If you have specific questions, ask!
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    is S7S the Samsung series 7 tablet?
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    Indeed it is. It was my main art tablet from 2011 to 2014. S7S was the shorthand nickname it was collectively given by its users on this forum. I can't image any other tablet with that shorthand, so that must be the one he has.
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