Reliability of tablet brands? Lenovo, Fujitsu, Toshiba etc.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nln, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. nln

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    Hello all, nice forum you have here!

    I'm about to send in my Thinkpad Tablet 2 for repairs for the second time in a month. I'm starting to think about replacing it wih something more dependable.

    Also, I'm apprehensive about using the on-site service option for fear of breaking the bank in case Lenovo deems the damage to be self-inflicted. (There's a problem wih the lcd.)
    So in the future it would also be nice to know who has the best warranty/insurance programs where you can have repairs done quickly without having to worry about such costs. I know Lenovo has the accidental damage protection (too late to buy now).

    What are your experiences with warranty repairs and with the dependability of different tablet brands? Anyone living in Europe?

    So, who makes rock-solid machines which work great for inking?

  2. Fluffyfurball

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    My Fujitsu T5010 keeps going and going for years now. No problems. While other folks have had good luck with HP 24XXP series, my unit had a number of hardware problems.
  3. corecomps

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    nln, purely factual and no bias. These are all "business class models I'm speaking about"

    I used dells 3-5 years ago, good solid machines but didn't seem to be bleeding edge so I moved away
    I had HP tablets a few years ago and they were plastic junk with hardware issues all over the place so I jumped ship
    I've been supporting Fujitsu Tablets at my office and they are big bulky and plastic as well but seem to hold up well (loaded up with "extra" software though)
    I moved back to HP's. My only real grip was the crap resolution 1366x768. I wanted 1080p. I love my revolve (g1) and isn't been solid despite being beat up pretty hard.
    I tried the Lenovo Thinkpad series T440s and Thinkpad yoga. seem to be built solid but had hardware issues on both and returned both.

    I'm stuck trying to figure out where to go. HP doesn't have a business class 1080p tablet device
    I'm nervous about Lenovo
    I'm not a fan of fujitsu or toshiba but mostly that is because of experience on the consumer side

    Maybe I'll try Dell XPS 11 next?
  4. Bronsky

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    If you're in Europe nln it makes all the difference in the world. Here in the US, Lenovo Thinkpads are serviced by IMB personnel. There is a Thinkpad service center in Atlanta, GA that has always been able to quickly and efficiently handle my warranty issues. We do, however, typically get 3 year NBD/Accidential coverage on our tablets. The problem with portability is portability.

    Although we were formerly a a Dell Latitude shop, our office is populated with Thinkpads. I understand what you mean about the new Thinkpads. I have a Fuji Q552 and am quite impressed with its durability. I've used it everyday for 7 months and my daughter has had it at college for the past two months. (I got it back for the holidays:D). Her brand new Air had to be taken to the Apple store due to an SSD recall but the Fuji soldiered on. If they just weren't so damn expensive. Here, we have the Ebay outlet and can normally get Fuji equipment at half price refurbished. I don't know if there is anything comparable where you are.

    HP seems to have abandoned those of us who require a pen. I guess I don't consider the Revolve a fitting replacement for the Elitebook Tablets is the lack of a Wacom digitizer.
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