Rediscovering the original Samsung Note (phone)

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Kumabjorn, Jul 16, 2021.

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    A while back ago I bought a new battery for my Note 3, on a lark I searched for a battery for my original Note. It hade been dead for at least eight years, and since a new battery was in the vicinity of $12 I thought "why not". To my surprise it booted. The things that ran on it though was like struggling through molasses in full camping gear mode. Hadn't really expected anything else to be honest. So I got rid of almost everything on it. But to my surprise S-Notes, the original, still worked. I mean feature wise it was atrocious compared to what we get today. But it had that sturdy reliable metallic heft to it when holding it. No wobble when holding it and writing.

    Since it is wider than my Note 3 it is more comfortable and efficient when scribbling short notes. I've discovered that it is a surprising useful companion when running around a library to check footnotes or looking for odd references. Just walk away from the whole cubicle setup, scribble some thoughts, maybe take a snapshot of the text or book or ISBN, all integrated in one easy note.

    Back in my cubicle I can share it with OneNote and from there make use of it in whatever project I'm working on. Would I prefer if I could just sync it through to the present day Samsung Notes and have it available on my Tab 6 Lite? Absolutely, but that process is even more burdensome than going the route through OneNote. Neither as reliable. So if you have an old device laying around it might be useful to ponder if it can be repurposed as a specialty device.

    Alas, I feel the need to apologize for starting a thread on a device that has gone the route of a Monty Python parrot, but I did wade through 50 pages in the Samsung section and all I could find was a single thread on the S-Pen, but plenty of Ativ 7 and Ativ 500T, or something along those lines. Apparently a phone with a stylus was not something that gabbed the board's attention in those days.
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    I remember lusting after the original Note and then eventually seeing someone using one on a train. I had a Nokia N900 though, which I was quite happy with mind and that for the time could actually do a lot of things that were yet to come to Android (IM apps, Facebook Messenger included, being integrated into the messaging app for example).

    I did eventually get a Note in 2014 when the Note Edge came out. I used it for five years. Well, I say five years, but that was over the course of three devices. A couple of cracked screens and a motherboard failure (I think) saw to that. The last one I have now also had a motherboard failure. And it got a bit laggy, plus would get too hot in the Japanese summer and shut down.

    I had a Note 3 as a cover device once, and man did that feel dated compared to the Edge/4 even though it was only one generation behind.
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    I would say the original Samsung Note was the most anticipated piece of technology for me. I preordered and kept hitting F5 on shipping updates.

    To have wacom capability at all times with such a portable form factor was such a joy. I can't think of any other piece if tech that derived so much satisfaction for me.

    I wound up using a custom ROM from xda to try to update it, but it's been sitting in a drawer all this time.

    I wonder now if Superdisplay could run on it to be sort of a small Intuous sized tablet? Of all the note phones, it has an intriguing aspect ratio for drawing.
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