reconditioning cf-c1 batteries with new 18650 cells ? how doable is it ?

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by pierro78, May 1, 2020.

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    Hello, saw a guy on (see comments under user cliz305) saying he reconditioned cf-c1 batteries with cheap 18650 cells ... I tried to open my 60% used battery but wasn't able to find a "not too brutal" way of doing so ...
    ... any opinion/help on this ?? :)
    Thanks !!

    PS :
    I also see, for example in this thread , that there's probably some kind of charge counter in my battery that would make putting new cells in it useless ...
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    Interesting idea.

    The plastic battery housing was almost certainly designed to stay sealed shut forever, so you'll have to break into it somehow. Once in, it shouldn't be too hard to find out what passes for a battery pack, and with some exploration and care (and a multi-meter), I don't see why 18650 cells wouldn't do the job of replacing it.

    It would, however, be one of those DIY jobs where a good deal of caution is warranted. -Like messing around inside old CRTs and such, there is chance of seriously injuring yourself if you screw up. Do it outdoors or in a garage at any rate. Lithium batteries can outgas and instantly destroy your lungs if you puncture the damned things and inhale at the wrong moment.

    Maybe find some instructional videos on how to take apart old battery packs. Somebody out there in YouTube land must have been crazy enough to try it.

    Good luck, and stay safe!
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