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    radial menu stopped working on Surface Book :
    I have been using radial menu happily for 2+years on a Surface Pro 3 and then on a Surface Book to run Zbrush.
    A couple of days ago I undocked the tablet from the base and everything went amok... no autoswitch of profile any more, crashes, etc...
    I tried reinstalling radial menu and re-importing my zbrush toolbar... no luck...
    Any idea for a fix ?

    Win10 oct 17 release, Zbrush 4r8-p2...
    Thanks for your support.
    Well... self-fixed the issue. Running radial menu in administrator mode just made it... o_O plus the usual left handed fix to avoid endless malfunctiuns of the virtual keys :).
    Back to Zbrushing !
    Have fun!
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