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Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by walay, Sep 21, 2007.

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    I agree with Peter (if I may call you that), that a 12" screen is better than a 14" screen, despite the loss in real estate. You only realy gain about 2" of width to the whole screen, and honestly those extra 2 inches don't give you much. I mean, think about a spreadsheet that spans across two whole screen-width. even with a higher screen resolution and larger screen, you're still going to have to scroll over to see the other data that's not shown. and even then, are you *really* going to need to see every single column of the spreadsheet? i think it's highly unlikely.

    in my opinion, widescreens are over-rated because you never really fully utilise them. your vision is always going to be focused in small area of the screen at all times, so a 12" screen is really no differen that having a larger screen even at 19". (we toyed with this exact idea because the professor i'm working for got a 17" Macbook during the summer, and b*tched about how much wasted space the screen has.... so we hooked up a volunteer in our lab to an eye-tracker and had them watch part of a movie, read some internet articles, etc. etc. in the end, a widescreen laptop is almost like watching a movie in the front row of the theatre, unless you're sitting at least 3-4 feet away from the screen)

    thanks Alexkass!!!

    one quick question though, will my tablet still be able to detect projectors when i plug them in? because with Vista, my tablet would auto-detect the VGA plug to the projector and start doing its thing immediately. i'm just wondering so i know to manually set the tablet to work with the projector the next time i'm doing a presentation (i do about 2-3 presentations a week for all my jobs around campus).

    i'd rather manually set the projector to work than wait so long for Windows to start up!
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    i think it's a habbit and program design thing with widescreen
    as our eyes are side by side our view will always be more widescreen
    then old 4:3 of normal screen
    if programs are don right and we dont just work on A4 docs wide is good

    i sit here at my desktop with an old 19" nonWide and i could put 2 of them beside eachother and still have a viewing "field" which was not covered with desktop
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