Questions for people who have the 6.8 inch Galaxy Note 10+. Big enough for notes/annotation?

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by paprikaleapt, Sep 29, 2019.

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    I would have previously said no to anything less than an 8 inch tablet such as the Samsung Tab Active or iPad mini, but using the Galaxy Note 10 + for the last month has mostly changed my mind.

    I think if I'd started with the note as the baseline I'd be more than happy with it. In other words my brain is still stuck with a perception of too small, but that is framed by using the 8 inch devices first.
    @Bronsky I think took a better path.
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    I would like to think that to some degree this depends on how one works --- for ages, I've carried a Levenger Palm Notes Case which is sized for 2.25" x 3.5" (just a bit taller than a business card --- the extra line makes a difference) and before that it was 3x5, or old punch cards (how I wish I could find another stash of those) and they've worked well for my needs.

    That said, I may be finding out, my wife has laid out an ultimatum that I have to get a phone (this after turning me down on getting a Samsung Galaxy Tablet S4 w/ LTE), and I'm insisting on a Note 10+ --- just have to decide about accessories (incl. a case) and how I'll carry the thing.
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    I'm a leftie so all writing is difficult :)

    I find the Note 9 to be hard to use while standing, but, on a desk it works. I can "squeeze" more characters into a moleskin reporters notebook which is about the same page size as the screen. When you get to the edge of the screen, you can't write but it isn't a big deal. My handwriting is poor so text recognition is a non-starter.

    I don't use the Note 9 for writing as much as I planned (for notes) and have since bought a Pixel 3a. From prior devices, the 8" tablets worked great for me with note taking. No problem with bigger devices either.

    I was just given an iPad and it is my least favorite with the pencil for writing. Best seems to be Samsung (Book2 even the note), then MS Surface Pro, then iPad (10", haven't used the mini). For me the Pencil is too big, no eraser and has a cap that is just waiting to fall off and get lost. I don't like the hard plastic on glass feel. Seems to work fine otherwise.
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    I use mine extensively for brainstorming, like a small Rhodia pocketbook from my youth. I have several note taking apps and mainly use Bamboo Note because it is the best at replicating the paper moleskine experience (nice ink, nice filing, but poor touch experience), OneNote to use my work notebooks stored in the cloud (poor inking, good filing, 15 years worth of notes), and the inbuilt Samsung Notes (nice inking but poor filing).

    The screen size is small but a good jump from Note 8 to Note 10+. My handwriting is tiny though, always has been compared to chicken scratchings, and is readable enough for me. I very rarely need to show any of my writing to anyone else and rarely need text conversion.

    Of course, the Duo would be nice, but I'm very happy with my Note10+.

    Screenshot_20191029-141936_Bamboo Paper.jpg Screenshot_20191029-141649_Bamboo Paper.jpg Screenshot_20191029-141608_Bamboo Paper.jpg
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    Wow! All that on the Note 10+?

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