Question for people who use the first generation apple pencil

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by paprikaleapt, Mar 23, 2019.

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    I'm considering getting the iapd mini, which uses first generation.

    There's no magnetic attachment as we all know.

    I'm debating whether to get an adhesive pen loop, which might fall off after putting the ipad in bags and such.

    I plan to walk around, casually jot down notes, and maybe turn the ipad upside down so the pen will at least point towards to the ceiling instead of my belly.

    1. What are your thoughts on getting a cheap pen loop vs the above?

    2. Have you tried an adhesive pen loop? How'd it go?

    I'm not really considering a case because it seems like it would add considerable weight and remove the best thing about the ipad mini (lightness, holdability)
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