[Q550] Reinstall Windows 7 after Windows 8 installation?

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by khs, Aug 21, 2012.

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    I would like to test Windows 8 on my Q550, before I decide if I keep or sell it. Since I needed to write multiple formulas with Word 2010/2007, I preferred my old Thinkpad R61i. Now I want to give it a last chance to see, if it's the right hardware for me - maybe with Windows 8 (even if it's no the final version, especially regarding to the video performance).

    So my question is, if you can easily boot from a Windows 7 installation medium (USB stick), format the SSD drive and reinstall Windows 7?

    I already did a fresh Windows 7 installation by USB stick, but with a littered version of Windows 7 on it (without any problems).

    I own the 32 GB SSD drive version, so I can't install Windows 8 on a virtual hard disk.

    Maybe somebody can also tell me, if there is a way to get the first boot state with all the Fujitsu tools an bundled software again? The OS Discs just contain Windows 7 and (as far as I remember) Office Starter edition.

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    Yes, it is very easy: in last months, I have done it several times.

    Just copy the restore DVD files in a empty 4GB USB drive, put the USB inside the Q and reboot. You have to touch the screen when the Fujitsu logo appears to boot from USB (the BIOS is touchscreen, you can restore without any keyboard). When Windows 7 sepup starts, you can format the SSD and reinstall Windows 7.

    To have the first boot state, just download DeskUpdate from Fujitsu website - it downloads and installs all the drivers and software (Sierra Wireless excluded, if I remember well).

    In a couple of hours (with a high-speed DSL) you can have a brand new Q550.
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