Q to cintiq owners (21,22,24,27) . Help me buy a cintiq

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by vagabond95, Aug 24, 2018.

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  1. vagabond95

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    I think i need to buy a cintiq to complete my works, because traditional coloring does not give me the full room for rendering because if i render in oil, the odours are so hurting i cant stand. I need a Digital tool, clean, fresh, no odor or what
    So i thought of cintiq, i had a companion2 to try from a friend. It was really a beautiful feeling drawing on that screen but it was small. Too small. I usually draw in traditional 11x14 format that is kinda large.
    I wouls like to ask some questions and you guys reply about your experience and the model you own, so i can understand differences :). :
    -Does the cintiq emit heat or noise?
    -Could the screen been scratchy or more scratchy in certain models?
    -Is the screen good in terms of not too much antiglare?
    -How about parallax? Is better on newer model or its just the same?
    -Does one of cintiq feel like the cintiq companion 2 drawing experience i had??
    -does your model have some problem by fabric or some common issues?
    -is the screenprotector different between models? One maybe more clear one mode grainy? How bout the wacom paper feel?
    -i dont know if you may know this but, Is the screen flickering using pwm?

    I have not a wacom store near to my city or state so i cant check, i can only buy online, so i would ask u.
    So guys feel free to answer by your experience it Will be fun and make me happy for buy a new model. Take your time if you want to reply :) Thanks you for your time :)
  2. thatcomicsguy

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    There are many different models of Cintiq. Right now, everybody is waiting for the brand new "Cintiq Pro" in 24 and 32 inch screen sizes to arrive. They boast 4k resolutions and the early review models had great finger touch interfaces, (an element which caused problems and didn't work very well in previous models). Reviewers fell in love with the interfaces and they are purportedly the best Cintiqs yet. The thing is.., they were supposed to arrive in shops back in May of this year, but we're still waiting. Hopefully Wacom is just tweaking and dealing with minor delays, and when they finally arrive on the scene, they'll be everything everybody hopes. Price estimates are in the $2-3000 depending on your choice of features.

    On the other end of the scale...

    I've only used an old Cintiq 21UX which I found on eBay for a couple hundred bucks. It was awesome! -Dated, but boy that machine was a great workhorse. I'd still be using it today, but I upgraded to a cutting edge 27" Dell Canvas.

    But for tighter budgets and if you don't mind not having a finger touch interface, then the old Cintiq 21UX is still a fantastic machine to work on. Excellent line quality and the size was respectable. Heat wasn't an issue, and parallax, while noticeable, is I find a non-issue after the first five minutes of use. The brain simply gets used to it and it doesn't affect your drawing. My new machine has a much tighter pen/cursor gap, but I don't actually notice much difference.

    I can't speak for the more recent generations of Cintiq, but they seem to have generated a lot of good will among artists who use them.

    Hopefully you'll pick out a device which serves your needs!

    Have you looked at the XP Pen line? Some of those models appear to be pretty nice at budget prices.
  3. Shogmaster

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    If you don't need or want multi-touch in your workflow, I second the idea of scoring a cheap 21UX from eBay as your first Cintiq. It doesn't really matter too much if you go for DTZ-2100 or DTK-2100. Just get the cheapest working unit. You should be able to get one for about $300~500 easily.
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