Powerful Chrome OS tablet with EMR and USB 3.1 for $329? Yes please!

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by Shogmaster, Mar 26, 2018.

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    I was partially interested in Chromebooks, but mostly the 64gb+ models, which is only really Samsung Pro and Pixel(at least under 13in), due to their price. Samsung Pro was(and may still be) going for under $400 for the 64gb model(more for some reason for the 32gb with backlit keyboard), and Pixel was on sale for $700 for an i5 with 256gb and 8gb of a ram. Hardware is there for me, the question I wanted to see was if I could live with the OS, which I might be able to. However the problem was I wasn't too keen on Samsung Pro's keyboard(Plus V2 has a better one, but lower quality 16:10 display) & the Chromebook Pixel was sold out in my area so I wasn't able to get it at that price. Why I have a Core M nSP.
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    #2 looks to be harder for Microsoft due to their position in the marketplace in comparison to Apple iOS and Google Play. Right now it is hard to say they are even close to comparable or competitive in mobile space. Microsoft has much less control of how they can improve.

    #1 The challenge for Google is to getting a small set of essential apps for the market is familiar with running reliably. They have market and mind share already that is much greater than MS.

    I think MS gave up the mobile space a long time ago, this is a two horse race between Apple and Google.
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