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    PowerSquid in black and yellow (view larger)

    Power strips aren't sexy; in fact they're probably the most boring computing accessory you own. They're also frustrating to use. Even if they have 8 plugs you can probably only use half, since power bricks for various charges and AC adapters are still too large, blocking more than one plug. The PowerSquid remedies this problem by providing five flexible squid-like arms to plug in to.


      Master on-off lighted switch with a 15-amp circuit breaker[/li]
      4 foot power cord[/li]
      5 flexible receptacle grounded cords in lengths of 6, 8 and 10 inches[/li]
      Electrical rating: 125V/15A/1875W [/li]
      Can be wall mounted[/li]
      UL Listed [/li]
      Not rated for outdoor use[/li]
      Available in a variety of colors

      Setup and Use

      The PowerSquid is terribly simple to setup and use. Just plug in to the wall and add your bulkiest AC adapters. The PowerSquid has five arms. Two are six inches long, two are eight inches and the one in the middle is ten. This staggered length makes it less crowded when plugging in all of your items. The adapters support both two prong and three prong cords, so anything you have will work just fine.

      PowerSquid in silver, loaded with common power cords (view larger)

      From a design perspective, the PowerSquid is a lot of fun. Of course most power strips are long rectangles and end up jammed behind a desk or other piece of furniture. The PowerSquid may face the same fate depending on where you use it, but if it's in the open, you're almost guaranteed a conversation when someone sees it for the first time. While the PowerSquid isn't new, its design is obviously unconventional and most people are intrigued by the idea off the bat.

      While five outlets doesn't sound like many, the end result is all five are usable, compared with three or four on a standard unit with more total plugs. If you have computers or equipment with heavy power needs though, the PowerSquid might not be rated high enough for you. The Squid also doesn't offer an insurance policy for equipment damaged by power surges. The down side is pretty minimal though, considering the cost of the PowerSquid is only $15. With the product working on attaining cult status, Power Sentry will surely expand the offering going forward to add more features and functionality.


        Easy to use, all five plugs can be used[/li]
        Cost effective[/li]
        Comes in a few different colors


          No equipment protection policy

          Bottom Line

          If you want a useable power adapter that has a fun design, the PowerSquid is a great option, much better than those cord extentions. At $15 it won't break the bank either, which is always a plus. Buy one for yourself and another for a fun gift for a fellow geek.

          Purchase Information

          The PowerSquid is available through Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond, and TrueValue stores. Also online at www.thinkgeek.com or www.herringtoncatalog.com.

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    This is actually pretty cool. I think it would make an outstanding Christmas gift for all the technofiles on the list! Nice review Brian.
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