possible tx2500 problem

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by Mydixiwrecked00, Jun 19, 2009.

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    so. im almost into a month of ownership of a tx2510us and still havent reloaded it due to the lack of time. not to mention i have alot i need to pull off it now and it seems to be piling up. i know i shoulda done a fresh install off the bat but i pretty much took this thing out the box and put it to work. heres my problem....

    ive seen alot of posts about heat/ noise issues on this machine due to temp/fan.. i have yet to hear mine... even when its locked up and thinking really hard about opening up the start menu or showing me battery status as i attemp to hover over the icon... thru all of this... no fan.... should that be throwing up redflags... about the only thing i hear from time to time is the hard drive spooling or the motor dvd motor when i put a disk in...the only way u can hear it is if u put it up to your ear...could it be the issue as to why this stays locked up half the time? it doesnt physically feel that hot but i could be wrong.... i need to make some time this coming weekend to do a fresh install without the bloat... i hope that solves my problems. if not ill be very dissappointed in my purchase...
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