Possible new inking app ported from Maemo

Discussion in 'Linux on Tablet PC Forum' started by rogue_ronin, Mar 16, 2010.

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    I'm a new member here; I'm searching for support for a Linux tablet app that looks awesome.

    I've been emailing with the developer of MaemoPad+, which is originally for the Nokia 770, N8x0 and N9x0 internet tablets. Maemopad+ supports RichEdit text, checklists and sketches (including shapes). It's as close to OneNote as there is in the Linux world -- but it's always only been for Hildon and Nokia tablets.

    He's done a rough port to Ubuntu, as seen here, without any dependencies on Gnome, just GTK.

    He's asking for some small financial support to finish the port (around $150 US) -- and I'm wondering if anyone here would consider contributing. I will, but I cannot spring for the entire cost.

    If he were to complete the port, it would be the premiere note-taking tablet app on Linux, immediately.

    Thanks for letting me proselytize on my first post! :D

    m a r
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