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Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by kvoram, Feb 7, 2017.

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    Great review. Seeing something like the flawed keyboard backlight on a high-end product that's marketed based on the quality of its design is completely disheartening. Even sadder are the plastic "gear" hinges, or the fact that the device cannot be comfortably used while on the lap.

    I find more and more that the "premium" 2-in-1 devices are worse than the "workstations". The T904 was branded as premium with its brushed aluminum and glass trackpad and IGZO display, but like the Porsche Design Book One, it died the death of a thousand cuts, full of small but significant flaws that detracted from its premium features. Then there are devices like the Surface Book and the Surface Laptop which are arguably even worse, despite their high-end premium branding.

    The only device that ever came close was the Vaio Z Canvas.
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    @ATIVQ : hey, what's wrong with the surface book?? :eek::D
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    Yeah, what’s wrong with the Surface Book besides its price? (And Microsoft’s unwillingness to sell the performance base as a standalone upgrade).

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    I bought this April this year barely use the tablet mode I experience some issue on this device.

    First if you let your battery drain it won't charge up the battery and you need to wait for the next windows update to fix the issue.

    Second, there is a problem with the touch screen function, if you will use this on tablet mode it won't work, it is similar issue with MS surface but atleast MS are aware about that issue, but porsche are not.

    So I went and contact support and its ****ing hard to contact them they reply once per day and until now my issue isn't resolve yet and they stop reply to me.

    I've tried the following troubleshooting:

    1. Calibrate touch screen (same issue)
    2. Go Device manager
    3. Check Human Interface Device
    4. Update driver (Successfu; driver rollback isn't working as welll)
    5. Test device didn’t work
    6. Disable/enable touchscreen driver (same issue)
    7. Update Operating system (same issue)
    8. Reset laptop (same issue)
    9. Perform update again (Same issue)

    So if you don't want to end up like me buying an expensive garbage then don't buy it and one more thing it is hard to find driver for the porsche laptop I've been scratching my head on this even porsche itself doesn't have laptop driver they only have drivers for their cars.

    Better go with other laptop manufacturer than this garbage!.
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