Porsche Design BOOK ONE Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by kvoram, Feb 7, 2017.

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    Does anyone know yet if this will support dual monitors out of its Thunderbolt port?
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    I stumbled upon the Porsche Book a week ago in a local electronics store, Media Markt (kinda like Best Buy for the american folks).

    Unfortunately it was pretty much locked down. No pen, the display was in an annoying store demo loop, and the security tags kept me from moving it fully. So here are my limited observations:

    Design: Most if it looks and feels really nice. The one eye-sore are those hinges. Instead of polished stainless steel those have the looks of cheaply painted with chrome, kinda destroys the premium look in my opinion. They are quite smooth though, no real danger of scratching anything with it.

    Hinge: Independent of the looks, those had a good friction when moving the screen. Unfortunately it was also prone to wobble, at the same level as the Surface Book or even worse.

    Keyboard: It was only ok, key travel felt a bit too shallow and a bit noisier than I like. They keyboard on the Surface Book is definitely better. Touchpad on the Surface felt better as well.
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