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Discussion in 'Software' started by Dale, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I am terribly confused. Bluetooth is an international standard and there are many BT devices and computers out there. My Fujitsu 4220 came with a Toshiba BT module and stack. I've tried using both a BT mouse from Logitech and one from Microsoft without any success. I've seen many threads indicating similar difficulties and a variety of "solutions" that may or may not work, mostly involving removing the Toshiba BT stack and using the MS BT stack that presumably comes with XP SP2. I've done that with no success. I've also seen numerous other people with the same problem and a number of potential "solutions" that involve trying to reactivate the MS BT stack which may or may not exist on my machine.

    To add to my confusion, the Toshiba site indicates that XP SP2 comes with drivers to support Toshiba BT modules. Given my technological incompetence, I have a few basic questions that continue to bewilder me:
    1. Why would Toshiba make a BT stack that is not compatible with BT mice?
    2. Why would Toshiba make a BT stack if the MS XP SP2 BT stack already works for the Toshiba BT module?
    3. Why isn't there a simple patch for the Toshiba BT stack that will permit it to communicate with the dominant BT mice that are out there?
    4. Is there any easy way to get my BT mouse to work with my BT enabled notebook?

    I am quite frustrated, as I have never seen a standard quite like this before. Wireless network standards have plenty of issues, but for the most part any wireless card will work with the same standard wireless network. What is so different about Bluetooth?

    I'd love to hear some answers, but bear in mind that I don't understand the technology very well. Thanks.

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