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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by Phreekfuse, Feb 1, 2013.

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    I am buying a gift for my girlfriend who'll be basically travelling around with the tablet.

    I am really looking to give her a tablet without too much of Apple's bull**** of synching with Itunes and rubbish.

    Need basically :-

    Check emails
    Drag and drop music photos and videos from any computer
    Be able to open read and edit microsoft office files
    be able to open and read PDF files
    comes with a compatible keyboard
    has a camera and a microphone
    Does not hang at all
    Isn't to hard to use
    has good battery life
    Sim card internet is *Not* a necessity !!!!!

    I am looking at :-
    Asus transformer pad infinity
    Sony Xperia Tablet S
    Nexus 7 and 10
    Anything you guys suggest !!

    Also if any of them (*Noob question alert*) have a feature to explore through an external hard drive's files if that is possible ??

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    One thing that you mention is the need for accessing PDF and Office files. You will most likely need or want to look at Windows based systems for the best results especially Office files as all the Android apps are Office wanna bee's. With a Windows tablet she'll have 'Office', not an imitation! Some Android apps will work with Office files, but they just aren't ‘Office‘. That brings us to 'does not hang at all', if it's Windows, well you probably know already, it ain't perfect no mater what form it comes in! But on the other hand, they are Windows, and they will work with all other PC software, not just ‘apps‘ like Android. The new Windows 8 is optimized for tablets (touch interface) and the Metro functionality although different than your traditional Widows screen works well in this touch format as Bill Gates envisioned a few years ago with that fancy table display that he was touting to the world. You do still have access to a more traditional looking Windows screen as well.

    Androids have been around longer and at the moment are more stable, have more machines to choose from, more app options and are lower priced than the Widows based machines. Most of the Windows machines especially the Windows 8 machines are all less than a year old and are going through some teething problems. At the same time many OEM are also working with a new Intel Atom processor. If you look at say the Acer , Asus, Lenovo or Samsung forums on TabletPCReview, you will see some of the issues that these OEM’s are going through and how well they are supporting and dealing with these issues.

    Now with that said, this new Atom Z2760 ‘Clover Trail’ processor is doing some amazing things with power management as compared to the i-Core or AMD processors used in full-sized PC‘s and Laptops. It appears that people are easily getting 9+ hours out of their batteries doing the kind of things that you say your girlfriend would use this for. I’ve even heard people mention 11 hours! Then there are those that have a ‘docking station/keyboard’ with a built in battery that will also charge the tablet, giving you 16+ hours out of a single charge! That’s nothing to sneeze at when your doing a lot of traveling and everyone at the airport is huddled around the outlets or charging stations!

    Ok, to confuse you some more, here are some other options you might want to look at:

    Acer Iconia W510 - 10.1” screen, 2gb ram, 32gb/64gb solid state drive (I would really only consider the
    64gb drive, read the Acer forums here for why) Very thin and light (with out the
    keyboard connected)! Keyboard has a battery built in it which adds to the life
    between charges and extra USB ports. MicroSD card slot, Micro USB and Micro

    Asus Vivo Smart Tab - 10.1” screen, 2gb ram, 64gb solid state drive. Very thin and light! Has a Bluetooth
    keyboard that is very thin and light weight that can fit in the available screen
    cover/protector. MicroSD card slot, Micro USB and Micro HDMI.

    I know this didn’t simplify anything for you, but with some of the uses that you mentioned, these might be a better for her. Both these machines are very similar, they both have 8 mega pixel back cameras with flash, both have 2 mega pixel face cameras. The other stats are close and they are both a little less than iPad weight and thickness as well as close to iPad battery life.

    I am currently looking and these 2 are high on my list. I am going Widows 8 as I need to run Windows programs and Android can’t do that! Like you, no thanks to Apple! One thing to not under estimate, despite what you may have heard about Windows 8 and the issues that you might hear about with these units, this is where even the PC’s are heading! More and more you are seeing all-in-ones in the stores that are touch screen and I suspect even Apple will be heading in this direction, too. So why not just buy a very portable although not the most powerful PC instead of an overgrown cell phone? Again, anything that she might need from work that is PC based will work on one of these or any Windows based tablets.

    (You will find Windows 8 RT machines out there, I wouldn’t get one. No diss intended to RT lovers, but it is not full Windows 8 and thus have issues running not specifically written for Windows 8 software.)

    I hope this helps more than it confuses! Good luck!
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    I recommend the 7 inch tablet either windows or android. I have the 7 inch one and love it and can do all that you said. The girlfriend will love it when she realizes it fits in her purse as well as lightweight.
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    Google Nexus 7 and Sony Xperia Tablet S both are really amazing tablet. You can buy from both tablets because both have really amazing features and give best results. I think you should go with these both tablets.
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