Pen pressure on extended display using iPad has come true

Discussion in 'Software' started by cleft, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Holy smoke! It actually comes.

    The app that makes the thing possible is called Astropad

    I have been skeptical since it was first announced, but it appears that the app is actually the real deal. Today I saw a member on Facebook Group sharing her set up, using an iPad + Jot Touch 4 as a Cintiq replacement. The result was surprisingly responsive, and yes, with pressure delivered

    *edit: pen pressure comes from iPad stylii, thus it's still far cry from nTrig and Wacom performance. Nevertheless, the point is (1) pen pressure data are successfully transferred with (2) pretty impressive latency, in comparison with other solutions of the same kind (eg: Splashtop, Twomonusb, AirDisplay, Air Stylus). It's worth to recall that the latter lot won't pass pen signals, with the exception of Air Stylus.

    A more comprehensive review, performance test starts at 9:45

    The drawback, Astropad is available on Mac and iPad only. The devs, who are 2 ex-Apple engineers, basically said they cannot develop a Windows version in the near future. (I'm so getting Hackintosh up and running again)

    (image courtesy of

    *edit: cr*p I just realised this is a Windows sub.. (re)posted on the Apple/iOS forum.
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