Pen for Surface Pro and Thinkvision

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Sandie H, Aug 8, 2020.

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    << ideal at this point is finding some cheap tablet, with stylus, that could double as a whiteboard...>>

    @Sandie H : If you want to stick with your existing Lenovo monitor, I can send one of my old EMR pens (back from the Surface Pro 1/2 days). It would look like the UP-810E in @Marty 's illustration above. Otherwise, I can't help with this because I've never used an off-board graphics tablet or screen.

    << best thing would be a small monitor, keyboard, and mouse...>>

    I have an older 24" Dell UltraSharp monitor (NOT penabled) in my closet gathering dust. It's a U2410 PremierColor, I think. It's still in good condition and was working when I stored it away. I also have an ordinary Microsoft USB-A keyboard and mouse. If you would pay for packing and shipping, I'd be happy to donate them to you. Note that the monitor is big and heavy for its size so shipping cost will follow accordingly.

    However, maybe one of the other members has something that would better fit your needs. So, can anyone else offer an alternative...???

    @desertlap @lovelaptops @Shogmaster @thatcomicsguy @violajack
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    Sorry, just saw this. Great job @Steve S identifying those of us who, er, tend to hoard our old equipment. Unfortunately, like @jnjroach I have purged/sold much of my inventory. If @Sandie H will identify just what she needs I will gladly match it to what I have that may help her. Great, great thought Steve :thumbsup:
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