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Discussion in 'Electrovaya' started by Brian, Feb 26, 2004.

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    PC World has weighed in on the Scribbler SC-2010 and they have very high praise for it. They also have a take on Gateweay's newest model.

    The Scribbler's stylus and touch screen were responsive, though the stylus sounded as if it was scratching the surface of the screen (it wasn't). Between the nimble stylus and the many quick-launch buttons for the Tablet PC Input Panel, the Windows Start menu, the Windows Journal, and other features, I found using the Tablet sans keyboard easy. Also, one button quickly switched screen orientation from portrait to landscape, which made reverting to keyboard use a snap. However, the Tablet PC OS's bad handwriting recognition--Microsoft's problem, not Electrovaya's--remains frustrating.


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