PAX East 2011: Nvidia Gets Serious About Tablet Gaming Discussion

Discussion in 'News Headlines' started by Grant Hatchimonji, Mar 11, 2011.

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    With the insides of tablets becoming more and more powerful by the month, it's to be expected that games on the platform become more impressive. Nvidia is leading that charge and wasn't afraid to show it as it showed off its mobile gaming prowess at PAX East.

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    Gaming on a 10" screen just does nothing for are, my gaming PC has 3 GTX 580s setup for 3D Vision Surround on three 23" 1080P 120 Hz monitors. I know the mobile gaming market is going to be big but to me its just small and boring unless you hookup the device to a big screen but then of course that's not really mobile anymore.
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    I'm more worried about the controls than the screen size. Better graphics like that generally favor more traditional games, which demand physical controls of some sort. Gamepads, keyboards and mice, flight sticks/throttles/rudder pedals, racing wheels/pedals, etc.

    Tablet gaming would be better suited to tabletop gaming (board games, card games, etc.), turn-based strategy, and the usual PopCap fare. I don't think any of those would need 3D performance on par with the X360 or PS3, let alone my gaming PC (which is still using a three-year-old 8800 GT that'll likely be replaced whenever NVIDIA releases their next generation of cards).

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