Past LectureNotes Users - What do you use now?

Discussion in 'Software' started by darhol, Jul 9, 2017.

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    For the last 3+ years, I have been using LectureNotes on my Samsung Galaxy Tab in my work in an architectural firm but just recently, I've been issued a company laptop (HP Elite x2 1012) which I am giving a try in terms of replacing my tablet, and in short, am now looking for a note taking app will work best for me within Windows 10. (If you use a tablet for note taking and have not heard of LectureNotes, I HIGHLY recommend it - you get full functionality in the trial mode with exception to the number of notebooks; after testing it for a bit against other apps, I quickly bought it and have been using it as my go-to app for note taking; the developer is also VERY responsive and has actually responded to a couple of my emails over the years)

    I have briefly given Drawboard, OneNote, and Xodo a try, and perhaps since I haven't gotten into more of the customized settings, still feel I haven't found anything suitable for me yet.

    Things I love about LectureNotes which I'm looking for in my next app:
    - easy access to multiple pen styles (love having multiple thicknesses of the black/blue/red pens, and I also customized my pen toolbox to have thicker, half-opacity green/grey/brown/yellow pens which draw BEHIND the other markers which make it very easy to do simple but very legible drawings and diagrams); Drawboard and OneNote seem to be close to this; Xodo not so much (for OneNote, I don't like how the highlighter is literally like a highlighter and is very thin when drawing in the up-down direction, though)
    - importing PDFs (best for marking up meeting minutes, doing sketches over PDFs from CAD dwgs, marking up competition documents, etc.) and layers which also puts the imported PDFs on layer 1 and sets my mark-ups to layer 2 on top, and also being able to easily export PDFs
    - customization of stylus buttons (1-click for lasso, 2-click for highlighter)
    - customization of gestures (2-finger zoom/pan, 1-finger eraser, etc.)
    At the moment, I think those are the first things that come to mind, but I've been using LectureNotes for so long that everything else that I think is common place might be special for other apps.

    Appreciate any comments or suggestions that you all might have!
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    Have you tried the full OneNote 2016, it's a standalone program now. You might find that it is more robust than the OneNote app.

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