Onscreen Virtual Joystick/Gamepad advice

Discussion in 'Dell' started by 3DPiper, Dec 28, 2013.

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    touchmousepointer is useful if you need precise mouse control. it emulates a touchpad on your screen. however, i don't find it very usable due to the space it takes from the already tiny screen (and it has a full screen mode but I didn't find it better than without)

    Virtual gamepad is pretty cheap but is not polish. Dev is a one person team and he is working on improving it constantly. the interface is unintuitive. it takes a little while to figure out how to add control, move them, lock it and work with the game. also I wish there are more options to change the size of control etc. It is useful if you play game in windowed mode. It does not work for full screen games. I have it working for a few games pretty well.

    Gestureworks -- I only tried demo and hate that it starts steam automatically every time the machine boots. Others have good experience with it.
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    Ive been using gestureworks this last week. It works on titles that use DX9 and above I believe. Its actually quite good. Its biggest downfall, at least for me, is that it lacks a joystick for movement. Currently it only supports a static d-pad for movement, and without textile feedback its impossible to be sure that you are going to hit the right button every single time. That said, the developers have pointed out that an assignable joystick is high up on the list, and the project is in active development. You might also want to check out overwolf's touch solution. Their controller seems to emulate an actual gamepad (instead of keyboard/mouse), and its really polished. Unfortunately, its not customizable and only supports a handful of games. However, if they move forward with the project it has some real potential.

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