OneNote 2010 non responsive after extended use.

Discussion in 'OneNote, Evernote and Organizers' started by Gary_R, Aug 7, 2012.

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    I had been having problems with OneNote for a while, the program would gray out and go unresponsive for about 5 to 10 seconds, but wouldn't crash except in very rare cases. The longer the program was on the worse it would get until it was unresponsive for a longer period of time then it was operational.

    I would have to completely shut the tablet down and then restart (restarting the program did not help). There were even more problems with interoperability between OneNote and Outlook, and when I linked a page it corrupted it and took me a couple hours to figure out how to get the content that I needed from it then remove it from the note book entirely.

    I disabled services, indexing, everything I could think of, I even reduced resource usage of MS OneNote to see if it would help and it made it worse.

    The solution and my original mistake:

    I had Enabled write caching on the SSD drive in the Device manager. and Turned off Windows write-cache buffer flushing. (Checked both boxes) as a way to supposedly improve performance.

    As it turns out, OneNote and Outlook's autosaves are incompatible with write caching. As soon as I unchecked both boxes and restarted the computer, all of the program non-responsiveness issues went away.

    I can now keep OneNote open for several days in a row without instability problems.
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