Onemix 2s Weirdness

Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by RChadwick, Jun 8, 2021.

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    I got an as-is One Mix 2S from Russia, with a bunch of odd problems. I was hoping to find a single issue that could fix everything, but so far no luck. Here's the issues:

    1) No LED when charging or charged
    2) Appears to have issues when battery wears down all the way. Battery connector needs to be disconnected and reconnected before it will charge again.
    3) Battery is not recognized in Windows/Linux
    4)Mouse is reversed. Side to side moves cursor up and down, and vice versa.
    5) Keyboard has numbers shifted by one. If I hit 2, it types a 1. If I hit 3, it types a 2, etc.

    4 and 5 can be fixed with software, so I'm mainly working on 1-3. I assumed there might be an issue near the charging circuit, but I'm having problems identifying IC's. Can anyone help? These are the ones I'm looking at:

    1) Alpha and Omega 7403 GA7V1N
    I think it's a AON7403 is a 30V 29A P-Channel MOSFET

    2) ALTJ 178 (MOSFET? Buck/Boost controller?)

    3) K6=5C T1! (Possibly R6=5C) (I think this might be the battery management IC)

    4)ALV8 920 (MOSFET? Buck/Boost controller?)

    5) 25040 8450 (MOSFET? Buck/Boost controller?)

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