OneDrive going really slowly

Discussion in 'Software' started by convergent, Jul 19, 2017.

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    I have used OneDrive and OneDrive for business for several years, pretty heavily. I have it on my Windows 10 devices, my Mac, and my iOS devices. When I got my Surface Pro, I decided to remove OneDrive for Business from my Mac, and things got a little hosed so I completely removed OneDrive from the Mac (after unsyncing). I then renamed my OneDrive folder, reinstalled, and reconnected OneDrive to my personal Office365 account. I was now expecting it to sync down all the files to the Mac again, about 50GB. The problem is its running at a pace of about 1GB every 36 hours which is crazy slow. I am on a gigabit fiber connection and have synced this before on a new device in a couple of hours.

    I've rebooted a few times and no change. Any thoughts on how to speed this up? It will take a couple of months to complete at this pace.
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