NVMe m.2 as boot drive and SATA III m.2 as storage?

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by Mr. Boosh, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Is this possible?

    Since my warranty is gone on my Vaio Z Canvas, I'm thinking of replacing the second 512GB m.2 and replacing it with a 2TB SATA III m.2 drive as storage.

    Can I mix and match NVMe and SATA III drives and still get respective speeds/technology out of each?
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    <<...Is this possible?..>>

    ...I may be mistaken (probably am), but I have this hazy recollection that someone ran a similar experiment and concluded that you couldn't mix protocols at this interface.

    Not going to make any promises, but if I have some spare time over the next several days, I might be able to find that particular post...

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