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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by kureshii, Jun 27, 2007.

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    I'll be starting nursing school come winter but I've been really looking into a tablet to help with notes, and help me study better as well as use in the field, but I'm not sure what to get been reading a lot on the toshiba's, would like suggestions

    General Questions.

    1. What is your budget?
    preferably less then 2000

    2. Do you prefer a Slate, Convertible or Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC)?

    3. What size Tablet PC would you prefer?
    any, preferable something light

    4. Which country do you intent to purchase from?

    5. Do you have any preferences to brand loyalty or dislikes?
    6. How many hours battery life do you require?
    as many as i can get, but at least 3-4 hours

    7. What do you intend to use the Tablet for?
    note-taking, writing papers, some music, research/investigation missing/UID persons w/ volunteer organizations.
    8. Do you have an OS preference?
    not vista

    9. What software and tasks do you intend to run?
    nursing/tutor programs, excel, word, powerpoint, internet for massive research

    10. Do you intend playing heavy processor intensive Games?

    Screen Specifics

    1. Do you prefer standard or widescreen?
    no preference
    2. What resolution do you prefer?

    3. Do you require an Indoor only or Indoor/Outdoor screen option?
    not really, but will be walking around campus and in clinics

    4. Do you require Wacom or Finepoint Technology?
    not sure?

    5. Do you require a Passive or Active Digitizer?
    not sure

    Component Specifics

    1. What size Hard Drive and Memory do you require?
    at least 80GB memory - 1GB

    2. Do you require an Optical Drive?
    would be nice

    3. Do you require ability to add a second Battery or Hard Drive (Modular Bay technology)?
    no but might be necessary since will be for nursing

    1. Other non specific items ~ please add other items you require not covered above?
    wireless internet capabilities.
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    I would recommend either the Fujitsu T4220 or Lenovo X61t. My personal preference is the X61, but in your case, I would probably recommend the T4220 over it. With carefully managed settings, you should be able to reach the 3-4 hour battery life mark, and it comes with an optical drive, as well as Windows XP, since you don't want Vista. It has the modular bay option as well. As long as 12" screen and a little over 4 lbs is good for size and weight, you're set. Any questions about it, just ask.
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    actually, i'd recommend the HP TC4400 as well as the Fujitsu. it's nearly identical to the Fujitsu, minus the internal optical drive. it's also cheaper, since it's not imported.

    i've recently gotten a 4400 for myself, and it's been through at least 4 lectures now, each one lasting 3.5 hours. and so far my battery still gives me about 25-40 minutes of remaining time by the end of the lecture (different each time).

    for reference, my set up is: T7200, 2GB ram, 120GB hdd. and i have it set to "Max Battery" when i'm unplugged.
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    With a budget of preferably less than $2000, this would rule out the Fujitsu T4220 and Lenovo X61.

    You are either going to have to look at one of the slightly more older models (such as a Fujitsu T4215 or Lenovo X60) or do as daver above mentions and consider something like the HP TX4400.
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    I think the P-series from Fujitsu would be very suitable, it seems you will be carrying it around quite often, and its light weight would make things much easier. No CPU-intensive tasks too, so C2D performance from the T4220 would probably be wasted.

    The HP is also a good choice for the budget.

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