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    Dear notebookcheck,

    You are great with your coverage of PWM. Thanks! However, you are worthless with pens. In your review of this phone, for example, you list it as having "native pen support." Native? That's it? What does that even mean? Not another word about the pen, its protocol, or digitizer? Thanks for nothing!

    You really need to cover the pens. Let's get you started. Cancel "native pen support." We want to know whether the digitizer is capacitance or resonance. You could write "Digitizer: Capacitance" or "Digitizer: Resonance." If it's resonance, everybody knows that's Wacom. If it's capacitance, you should say whether it's Micro soft, Wacom, or Synaptics, as these companies license their technology to HP, Dell, etc. Apple is Apple. Forget N-Trig. Everybody knows that's Micro soft now. So you could write, for example: "Digitizer: Micro soft Capacitance." If it's a capacitance digitizer, you should try to figure out the supplier, the SKU, and the specs. For both resonance and capacitance digitizers, you should cover the implementation in terms of initial activation force, detection of pressure, rotation, and tilt, compatibility with 3rd party pens, etc., and you should do something called a "diagonal jitter test." Google it. Or perhaps you can hire a consultant to advise you on how to test and comment on the devices you review that have pens. Thanks for your attention.
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