Note 8 Flashing the BIOS

Discussion in 'Asus' started by LeanLee, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Hi All,

    Bought ($80) a dead Note 8 and now after quite a bit of work, I have it fully functional with win8.1 using the msoft media-restore image they recently placed online. During that process I totally cleaned all Partitions off the drive, Recovery etc., I think there were five partitions I deleted. I know, risky stuff, but for 80-bucks, nothing risked nothing gained.

    Poking around in the UEFI BIOS I find that BIOS level is v-207 and the ASUS site shows a list up to 211. I downloaded all BIOS images and the Flashing tool.

    I started to install the Flashing tool but shortly after it starts to install I get a message "this tool is for Notebook only" and then it quits. So no Flash tool - yet!

    I then went back in to the UEFI settings and ran the Flash tool there, but I cannot get it to do anything. It displays a page with BIOS information and version but I can't navigate to the downloaded BIOS upgrades. This lack of access may be because I deleted all the partitions and the inbuilt Flash tool was a victim. :)

    Searching here I found a link to the AMI site for a flashing tool, but before taking that next step, thought I would ask here first. I have since installed and run that and saved an image. But, do not want to proceed with a trial Flash until I get some more information. I may takes risk, but not foolish risks. :)

    Sooo, what do I need (or can I) do to use the inbuilt BIOS Flash tool?

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    Sorry for being kinda off topic but how do you restored Windows? Where do you found the recovery image online? or you used a regular version of windows 8.1?

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