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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab' started by Kumabjorn, Aug 15, 2015.

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    I don't think I can add my business account to Outlook for Android (which I use for my MS Account). We're stuck with Verizon Phones, Wireless, Internet Data and email for our business accounts. Is there a way to add it to Outlook. I would far perfer to have it as my main email handler.

    Anyway, I found out that Here Maps does work on Android. I have it loaded and it is working just fine. It's ability to DL Maps and work directly off the GPS offline conserves data use. Now that my daughter has my old Lumia, data use is up significantly.

    Update: Tried EzPDF. I had problems getting the eraser to work. The UI is not very intuitave for a Windows user. The other thing is that I had to toggle inking on and off when using a document. It was almost like using an old version of PDFAnnotator but touch was far better in EzPDF, once toggled.

    The one thing that is certain, the idea is right. EzPDF had no problem handling my timesheet and inking was great on it. The eraser doesn't work for me (at least in the trial version). I can live with the need to toggle the pen on and off. It's clear to me that the GN5 can double as a timekeeper for me the same way that the AVN8 did in the past. I think the display is large enough for me to sign documents on the road as well. Thus, I either don't have to have my S3 with my places where I would normally carry it or I won't have to dig it out of my briefcase to handle those functions.
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