No Wifi on ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T1C after Win 8.1. update

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Blackmailer, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Fixed! It's 2017 and Windows rolled out an update on 11/30 that killed my wifi adapter. I tried every trick and every driver I could find online, but every time I restarted or woke up my machine, the wifi was removed again. The last thing for me to try was to upgrade the adapter. So, I went on Amazon and in two days I had a new adapter: This model

    Popping off the case of the ATIV was fairly straightforward (remember to first remove the stylus and the miniSD card if you have one). I used collar stays to pry the case off - you can also use old ids or credit cards, etc. Then with a little driver, you pop off the white and black antenna leads and remove the one screw. The old card pops up and easily pulls out. Put the new card in, and reverse the procedure.

    When I started up the computer, it instantly recognized the new card and everything has been working smoothly ever since.

    Cost of card? $23.18. Peace of mind: Priceless.

    (and the newer card is better tech too)

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