New Skylake ThinkPad Yoga 260 & 460

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by ibmthink, Sep 2, 2015.

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    That thing has been a work horse for you.
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    Its a good little machine. I keep waiting for something to do what it does better, and checks off more boxes , but for now... nope. Track-point. Excellent typing. Very durable and serviceable and upgradeable. Big screen. Reasonably loud speakers. Pen in silo. It’s a good work horse.

    I keep thinking a 2018 x1 carbon, but it doesn’t do much more, except it’s lighter and thinner. I thought the c930 looked interesting, with the much bigger hinge-sound bar and included silo, but no track point is hard for my work needs. If the 2019 x1 yoga got a sound bar too, I’d probably get it. But thats a __long__ way out.

    Having a device be serviceable is very useful. I’ve had a charging port and a hinge break over the last 3 years, but Thinkpad service has been pretty good.
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