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    For any Italian ENote users: I've created a Finance Dictionary which can be used in the StarDict application in the HyperNote installer.
    Just download the zip file, extract the files and follow the instruction in the Hypernote Installer ReadMe file.
    Link >

    The dictionary offers an English translation and an explanation of the financial terms in Italian.

    I've cleaned up the formatting and it should work well.
    Please let me know if there are any bugs.

    Update 27/1/2012
    Below is a link to a modified Hypernote installer with all the dictionaries I've compiled so far, including:
    Updated Italian-English & English-Italian dictionaries with hundreds of new words. (I've also corrected the title error in the original EeeNote version)
    Italian Idioms dictionary Eng-Ita. This is a personal project of mine and only contains 30 or so entries so far.
    Italian Finance Glossary Italian-English
    Oxford Learners Dictionary
    Oxford Thesaurus. I've updated the Thesaurus and got rid of some bugs from the version above.
    Longmans English ported from the Eeenote
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