New HP Envy X360 15.6" with Ryzen 4700U (8 core 8 thread 15W SoC with Vega 7)

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by Shogmaster, May 17, 2020.

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    That's absolutely the case and it's arguably even worse because in a comparable size class eg.13 or 15 inch the 3:2 or even the 16:10 displays cost the PC makers about 25-30% more. It's strictly a function of manufacturing volume and since price is a primary driver in the market...
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    , I feel this was indeed the case years ago when the jump was made from 4:3 to 16:9, but I think now that bezels are small enough and people want big TouchPads now 16:9 is not gonna cut it (/for some at least).
    But I do not think many oems will follow for now since 16:9 is cheaper. Only Dell xps and LG (gram) and Acer iirc it seems besides Surfaces. Asus seems to have chosen for a upwards tilting keyboard to hide the bottom bezel. And HP for now choses to shrink the TouchPad on Spectres etc.

    What kind of surprises me in all this is why no 16:10 or 3:2 configurations in business laptops? (They only have some tablets with a 3:2 screen.)

    , spot on, and they also sell those a lot cheaper as a result of being produced on a larger scale I think. Hopefully the new Xps will change that.

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