new ev sc-3100 experience so far

Discussion in 'Electrovaya' started by penmagic, Mar 14, 2006.

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    ev just sent me a 3100 with a defective fan. it runs so hot even when using just the battery that it at times can burn skin, and it makes a horrible high- pitched noise that is brutal on ears.

    i have not had an excellent experience with the company. before ordering they seemed to always pick up the phone. but now, by phone, i can reach someone only 1 out of every 5 times in my experience thus far...i thought apple had lousy customer service...ev did issue the rma the moment i described the problem, which should be standard practice (not worthy of praise).

    the worst thing they did is charge me immediately for the computer, even though it took them 8 business days from that day to even send it. i complained about this, but they at first refused to give me a refund and then recharge my credit card, when it was ready to send. they complained that at first it cost 8% to issue a refund and then reissue the order--this is their fault not mine. also i was supposed to feel bad because i was the only one to complain about this. they gave me a refund 5 business days later and charged me when they sent the machine. if you ask me this is irresponsible. you are not supposed to be charged until it's sent. no one should be charged interest (credit card interest) for what they don't have.

    1256 of memory isn't enough for using dragon 8 or onenote or an aglix program for more than hour. the computer starts moving at a snail's pace. there is a delay with ink to pen that makes me insane. the array mics and my voice don't work together. dragon works well with their microphone. the battery doesn't run more than 4 hours...don't know why...i followed their instructions for optimum battery experience.

    the machine seems beautiful otherwise. i really love the screen. i hope when the problem with the fan and whatever else is fixed i can praise this macine as much a mac. for me, macs are so easy to use, while it appears pc's always require some tweaking.

    on paper, this computer is supposedly faster than my 1.3ghz g4 mac powerbook. my mac is infinitely faster from start up to film editing (i can't compare inking or dragon). i assume that inking requires less power than final cut pro and dragon a comparable amount.

    can someone explain why a pc has so many more files than a mac? on my mac laptop i have 75 apps and 45 gig of my documents and the total number of files when i scan is 12000. i have used up 10 gig of my pc. it has 65000 files and there is only 1gig of my own. is this why the mac is faster--it's more streamlined? why so many files?
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