Need to send Surface Pro 5 in for repair; what will MS send back, and when?

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Chris_Kez, May 21, 2020.

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    So, given my Surface Complete is up on July 4th, I finally contact the Microsoft Store via their chat function. I must say, not sure if its because of Corona per say, but I felt it was almost purposely difficult to find that chat. I could have called the number but I prefer something that leaves a paper trail.

    So....the extended Warrenty they gave was only for Surface Plans that expired in April and May, and for any Surface Plan expiring this month or the next, the chat representative had no clue what the deal was. Given that we're halfway thru June, I do find that a little disconcerning Microsoft doesn't have an official stance for plans that have expired this month. Like I hope they would extend that out as they did April and May, but we shall see.

    In any event, I explained to the Chat rep that my Micro-SD Card slot stopped working (which it legit did, just a while longer back) and I would like to use one of my 2 replacement options, but I would prefer waiting till the Physical Microsoft stores reopen and I asked about a possible extension on my Surface plan. The Chat rep didn't even try to steer me into shipping it to them for repair, but even though the Chat rep couldn't confirm what extensions if any I could get on July 4th, since I contacted them during my Warranty, that will suffice and would cover it my surface even out of warranty. So if the Microsoft Stores don't reopen till August or September, just for contacting them I would still be covered to repair my unit at the physical Microsoft stores regardless of the warranty status. I asked if I could get that in writing and the Chat representative e-mailed a transcript of the chat history and said showing that to the Microsoft store staff should suffice. And so the Chat rep left me with a Chat ended, but issue open status.

    So overall, this is preferable for me given the circumstances. Since no end date was set in the chat, I can patiently wait till the stores reopen which is what I wanted since the longer this takes the more likely I'll be able to score a Pro 6 or (fingers crossed) a Pro 7, especially if a Pro 8 is imminent for October.
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    Good work.
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