Need suggestions for my first tablet

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by Hansol333, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Hi so far I never had a tablet and I am planning to get my first one. I have a new job and have to travel a lot. Even at work i have often nothing to do and I need something that saves me from boredom. What I want with the tablet are 3 things

    Surf in the internet. Wlan should be fast enough for normal websites to read text. Dont need to stream videos. Because I am planning to copy them at home from my PC to the tablet and watch them later. Finally play some games, should be decent enough for some small jump and run games if I am very bored.

    I hate advertise (no surprise) and I heard that there are some tablets which are cheap but come with not removable advertise to buy stuff. That would be a no go for me and I would rather pay some more cash to prevent that.

    Other than that I don’t need much stuff. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of too much apps and stuff like that, just want to watch videos in somewhat decent quality.

    And I am also not sure about the size of a display. Sure a larger display means a better view but it also makes the tablet heavier and harder to transport. So what size do you recommend?

    Any suggestions for a decent first tablet?

    Thank for hints in advance.
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    The iPad of this year on Cyber Monday deal for $250, looks like a really good deal. There are probably cheaper ones, but they will not be good for games or have ads. The only problem with iPad is loading videos will have to be done through iTunes.
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    Short answer:

    Go ahead and get that ipad

    Longer answer:

    Most 10 inch ipad models that are the ipad air 1 (which is pretty old) or newer will be good. Most people probably want 10 inches for balance between screensize / portability

    It is hard to go wrong with most of the 10 inch ipads except the very old ones. If you are rich and want a gorgeous/big screen, maybe get the new 12.9 inch ipad which has a small footprint and gets a bigger screen

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