Need some help with touch screen FT5

Discussion in 'Motion Computing' started by nerys, Jun 11, 2021.

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    I have a cft-003 FT5 core I7 tablet.

    I don't have an option anywhere to configure the digitizer for touch. I can only use the PEN not my finger.

    How do I "gain" this option? if I can't gain the ability to touch with fingers how do I fix the PEN?

    right now I have to use some pain in the ass jedi air click touch method to use it. I can't ACTUALLY touch the screen to click. I have to "air jab" at what I want to click and it works fine.

    How do I change this so I actually physically touch the screen with the pen to interact? this jedi air jab in a real pain in the butt :)
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    , what is installed on that, Windows 8.1? Its from Zebra right? Did you already take a peek at their site for this model to see if they have extra touch/pen drivers available? Also I would try to contact them with this question since these tablets seem very expensive (remove the caps though :p ).

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