Need help: Monitor Buttons of my Fujitsu T732 Laptop Tablet isn't working

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by Ian Joseph, Mar 5, 2019.

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    I recently purchased a refurbished Fujitsu T732 Laptop Tablet with a Windows 7 OS. Overall it works great, aside from the monitor buttons (Window button, volume up, volume down, orientation change, Custom Button 4, Custom Button 5) not working.

    So far I've read the entire T732 Manual, but it doesn't help since it assumes that your Monitor Buttons works right out of the box.

    I've also tried installing some drivers (all coming from Series&Model=T732&ProductType=Notebook PC) and installed the ones that said "buttons" on them, but I think I might be missing something here.


    This is my first post here so I'm not sure of the forum rules, but I really need help about this concern. Thanks in advance.
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