Need Help Choosing Tablet PC as well as general advice for future proofing.

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    General Questions.

    1. What is your budget? 500-700

    2. Would you consider purchasing used/refurbished? Possibly

    3. Do you prefer a media/mobile tablet like the iPad, Windows tablet PC, or notebook convertible? Either one, if the only difference is the convertible uses a keyboards a dock then yes.

    4. What size Tablet PC would you prefer?

    5 to7-inches
    7.1 to 10-inches
    10 to 13-inches

    5. Which country do you intent to purchase from [where do you live]? San Francisco

    6. Do you have any preferences to brand loyalty or dislikes? I stay Clear of HP, Dell, Gateway, Acer(notebooks) and sometimes Lenovo(thinkpad only), I am honestly not a fan of Samsung design but I am aware they make great things just not a fan of them. I like Asus, Apple, Lenovos thinkpad line(only) I know nothing about tablet Pcs really. I do like some of Acer newer offerings but I don't know how long Acer stuff lasts.

    7. How many hours battery life do you require? Ultimately, it's up to me make my own battery life. It doesn't matter. I do prefer more but realistically speaking I want a more powerful tablet.

    8. What will be the primary usage scenario of this tablet? (Email/Web Surfing/Drawing/Word Processing/Entertainment/Notetaking etc) All of this. Multitasking if possible. Taking pictures as well and maybe photo editing. Update CAD designs,

    9. Do you have an OS preference? For example, do you own an iPhone and a Mac, or are you a Windows fan? Do you own an Android device and use Google services frequently? Windows 8 or well... not sure what the Apple iPad is capable of other then being a toy.

    10. What software and tasks do you intend to run? (Microsoft Office or other Word Processing Suite/Photoshop/3D Studio Max/Autocad etc) YES(Autocad is intesive i plan to update and reference is there any tablet that cna run full autocad?)

    11. Do you intend on playing Games? If so please list. BF3, Skyrim, CS/DOD Source COD MW2 I am aware Tablet PC may not be able to run these but ya never know lol

    12. Would you like to stream content through your home theater system? If possible

    Screen Specifics

    1. Any preference on screen resolution? 1080 all the way lol

    2. Will you be using the tablet outdoors? Do you need to be able to see it through glare from the sun? It's not necessary but I do like matte screens
    See the above linked FAQ for guidance

    3. Do you require a pen? With or without pressure sensitivity? Do you prefer Wacom or N-trig? The more features the better! Yes Both
    See the above linked FAQ for guidance

    Component Specifics

    1. What size Hard Drive and Memory do you require? Would you like expandable memory? Yes, 16GB at least.

    2. What sort of inputs do you require, if any? Would you like full-sized USB and SD card slots? Are microUSB and microSD ok? Do you require HDMI inputs? USB 3.0, HDMI, Never heard of micro USB.

    1. Other non specific items ~ please add other items you require not covered above?

    2. Additional requests ~ anything other you wish to take into consideration? Thin can be docked at a keyboard would be pretty cool so it's like a laptop lol
    Oh by the way, I am also a STUDENT so i need advice from students on what a good choice was that served there needs throughout college


    Thank for all your helps guys.
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