need help..bought a Kindle Fire for son who's moving to Sweden!

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by mercyangel, Nov 30, 2011.

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    We bought a Kindle Fire for our son as a Christmas gift. We were about to purchase one for his wife when we were told that it will not work in Sweden. I called the 800 Amazon help # then also sent an email question. (person who answered the 800# did not seem sure of himself) The email response also was a no go. Is there a similar tablet that we could purchase for them to use? The $200 price was right as was the size for travel. Thanks you!
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    Amazon does not have a site in Sweden (I believe) but the nearest is Amazon Deutschland ( so you could try to register any US bought kindles there.

    I believe you can still access the various Amazon websites simply by typing the correct country code - / / however if he wants to stream Amazon movies into Sweden, I believe they are blocked.

    Could you simply buy them tablets from the German Amazon store?
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    I´m from Sweden. If there is a european Amazon with this service so do I believe it would work since all the agreements between the countries in the union. However, he could use a VPN, but those cost maybe some dollars/month and are somewhat slow, especially for a movie.

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