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Discussion in 'Software' started by Mydixiwrecked00, Dec 10, 2011.

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    don't know if this is the right place to ask this, i have searched google, bing, safari, you name it and have had no luck, dont know if im looking up the wrong terms or what, but heres what i got and what i need.

    Making a job tracking spreadsheet for work. It has 8 worksheets. every one carries over the name and claim number. some pages use accounting formulas. the last page is a YTD page that omits the name and claim number

    Customer tab has:
    Last name
    First name
    Claim number

    Summary tab has:
    Last name
    First name
    Claim Number
    Total bill

    last name and first name were both named as the cell then taken over to other worksheets in the book using the "=name formula" and then a few other cells involving accounting formulas.

    What i cannot figure out is now that i have all formulas working correctly for this row how do i get this to autoformat to the next row on all worksheets in the workbook every time i add a new customer. im worried my "=name formula" will enter name of cell a2 in all new rows instead of new name from next new row"b2" etc. and that if i get the first worksheet to format it will not carry over onto the others like it does now for the test entry that works perfectly.

    Also the YTD page needs to sum columns from the newly entered rows to the final page of the worksheet.

    I have an old workbook i made that i formatted the new rows continuously by filling the row with a cut and paste from the column header, this lead to a format to whatever the last row of that column was that exists in excel and created a workbook that takes 5 minutes to open, 5 minutes to save, 5 minutes to close even thou it only had a few entries.

    Any ideas? i need to get this working correctly.
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