MSP 13'' i5/i7 buying advice

Discussion in 'Artists' started by Chromez, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! I want to buy the 13'' version of the Wacom Mobilestudio Pro but most of the videos floating around are for the 16'' model.

    Now i've noticed in my country (The Netherlands) the difference between the i5 (128gb) and the i7 (256gb) is 100 euros.

    My question is, is the difference between the power of the i5 and i7 worth this price difference? And advice on which to go for would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    $100 Euros comes out to like $106 USD......the US Price difference between the i5 & i7 is $200 USD.......Based on US Prices.....I opted for the i5/128 Model....and I have no regrets. I use it only for Art, so the 128GB SSD is adequate for my needs.....and for practical purposes, you really can't discern the difference between drawing Performance on the i5 over the i7. The performance increase from that i7 is almost negligible in my opinion. Also....generally I find i5's are a bit better on the thermal side/throttling concerns.

    So when I had to make the i5/i7 choice.......the i7/256GB SSD wasn't worth the extra $200 to me..........but......had it been only a difference of $106......which I can easily look at as $100.........I might have very well just plunked down for the i7 Model. The i7 upgrade and double the SSD storage certainly seems more appealing to me at $100+ over $200+

    If anything that extra $100 I would find worth it just to have the fingerprint reader included.....provided that Model has it. The top line 13-inch/i7/512GB/16GB model has it......but the lowered end i7 I'm not sure. The i5's definitely don't
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